The twist of paying affiliates in food, while interesting, does nothing to legitimize what is still just another cycler Ponzi model.
Whether you’re recycling newly invested funds and paying it out directly or converting it into food, you’re still only rewarding those who have invested.
Happy World Meal Gate’s talk of ending global hunger is (marketing) hogwash.
The nature of the “food items” Happy World Meal Gate affiliates receive is not disclosed.
The cynic in me can’t help but point out the food is probably bought in bulk and at a discount, so as to only represent the commission value it is supposed to be worth.
This allows the anonymous Happy World Meal Gate admins to keep a slice of what is supposed to be paid out, on top of their own cycler position earnings.
As with all matrix cycler schemes, when affiliate recruitment dies off cycle payments will grind to a halt.
Each tier of the cycler requires new position purchases being fed into tier one, without which the upper cycler tiers stall.
When they do Happy World Meal Gate will have collapsed, with funds attached to uncycled positions retained by the admin(s).
Mathematics dictates that the majority of Happy World Meal Gate affiliates will lose money.